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The Island of Montreal is divided into different areas, from East to West. I develop my clientele mostly in the West Island, which is also where my home is. The West Island has a very unique spirit about it.  It is more relaxed and very community focused. It's a great place to raise your children. While you're busy with social gatherings, your children are busy playing sports and making new friends that last a lifetime; not to mention that they are also learning to speak French, English and possibly another language. 
For those who are single, there are many activities to choose from where you can make new friends while you hang out at the local  pubs and great restaurants that cater to your needs.  As I did, many single professionals buy their first homes in the West Island to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, yet know that they can be there in no time at all.  If you want a no hassle lifestyle, you can enjoy the option of condo living while overlooking the water, take your sailboat out on weekends, and travel downtown by train to go to work.

With our crisp, snowy winters, you can stay home and curl up by the fireplace, or go skiing in the Laurentians or the Eastern Townships. Saint-Sauveur and Mont Tremblant are two great places to discover in the Laurentians; they both offer great weekend getaways as well as incredible investment opportunities.  Or simply hop on a plane and spend the winters down south, like many of us do.  These people are called the "Snowbirds".  Not only is the West Island of MontreaL affordable and friendly, it's also very close to everything, especially downtown; we're talking 20 minutes or so.  I consider it the upscale suburban area of Montreal where you've got it all. You're never far away from anything; just hop onto the major highway, cross a bridge, take a plane, bus or train, and you're right there. I lived in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and different areas of Montreal while I travelled alot for my work. When I moved back to Montreal in 1997, I chose to live in the West Island and I immediately felt right at home. Long live the community spirit of the West Island.

To learn more about Montreal, visit the City of Montreal website

A little bit about myself! Born and raised in Quebec, in a typical French Canadian family, I went to English school.  I consider this a gift, as today, I am fluently bilingual. Having worked in the corporate world of sales and account management at Bell, IBM and CGI for a good portion of my life, I have been fortunate to have learned from the very best.  I left my corporate job three times to pursue other interests.  In 1987, I became a real estate agent, in 1997, a travel agent, and in 2000, I left the corporate world to go back to school and learn Web Technology. In 2002, I adopted a child and started my own business in video production.  I then purchased a commercial property in which I operated a retro store and digitized different video and film formats to DVD.  I was nominated by the Quebec Woman's Business Association as business woman of the year for business expansion. During those years, I was also involved in many different networking groups related to business and community services and have developed many contacts.  After buying and selling residential and commercial properties throughout those years, my love of Real Estate has been rekindled, but with a very unique focus.

My mission as a Real Estate Broker is to bring the worlds of Real Estate, Travel and Web Technology together to help people make the right decisions and the right connections. My plan is simply to use Technology to gain a maximum advantage for you when you buy or sell property all over the world.

My goal is to be the best Real Estate Broker in my area, which is the West Island of Montreal and to connect you to the best broker in your area, all over the world.  I use a Team Approach to ensure that there is always someone available to take care of your real estate needs. 

My focus is on making sure that you are completely satisfied with your broker, whether it be me, or anyone else that I associate with.  I get to know as much as I can about my clients and therefore am able to more precisely determine your needs and wants, because, let's face it, finding the perfect home is a dream come true!

I look forward to working with you as your preferred    REAL ESTATE PARTNER!


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